Driving license trailer

Driving license (trailer)

Obtaining a driving license BE is an asset for all your recreational or business purposes.

You are no longer limited to the weight of the trailer that is allowed on your driving license B.

You are normally limited to a weight of 750 kilograms. This is not desirable for many activities where a trailer is required, just think of pulling a boat trailer, horse trailer or  caravan.

However, you should pay attention to the technical possibilities of the towing vehicle (maximum towing hook load). This is usually stated on the vehicle registration papers or in the instruction manual of the vehicle. The weight of the total combination with a driving license BE is irrelevant. This may be more than 3.500 kilograms. Make sure that the towing vehicle does not weigh over 3.500 kilograms. If it weighs over 3.500 kilograms, you will need a truck license (category C).

Obtaining the BE driving license does not have to be a large time investment. It can already be done in 1 day! On this day you start at 08.00 with a clear explanation where you can ask all your questions about driving with a trailer. After this you will go on the road to practice. To then be prepped for a perfect exam. This exam will take place late in the afternoon of the same day.

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