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"Go-Car offers you the opportunity to do the training the way you want it."

Whats students say about us

  • Aron Handreke
    Great teacher, one can feel Gordon's experience in the business. Furthermore, very flexible in appointments. Thank you!
    Aron Handreke
  • Callan Andrew
    Couldn't have asked for a better driving experience! Gordon is one of the most calm and composed guy on the road and always makes you feel comfortable during your lessons!
    Callan Andrew
  • Michele Sepulcri
    As an international student who doesn't speak any dutch, Gordon is an extremely good driving instructor! He is very patient with his students and it is very clear that he has a lot of experiencein teaching people to drive. I have never felt uncomfortable or unsafe driving with him and he prepares students extremely well for their exams!!
    Michele Sepulcri
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