Passing the theory exam

Theory exams are taken in Dutch and English.

For a theory test in English you will be charged extra. You can choose to let Go-Car International Driving School book the exam date, or you can do it yourself through the website of the CBR.

In special cases, you can also do an individual exam. An individual exam can only be booked through Go-Car International Driving School.

If you prefer to take the theory exam in another language apart from English or Dutch, you will have to be accompanied by an interpreter. This is an individual exam and can only be booked by Go-Car International Driving School. It is your responsibility to arrange an interpreter. You can book an interpreter at The services of an interpreter will cost € 169. TolkenNet will usually provide an interpreter within two weeks.

The exam consists of two parts. One part includes 25 questions on risk assessment. The second part contains 40 questions: 30 questions on rules and regulations and 10 on traffic insight.

In the first part of the exam you have to score at least 13 out of 25, and in the second part of the exam at least 35 out of 40.

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