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B license (Single lessons)
60 minutes 43,00
90 minutes 60,00
120 minutes 80,00

Drivers license practice exams
CBR Car Exam 200,00
CBR performance anxiety exam 250,00
CBR Interim Test (TTT) 125,00
BNOR exam 225,00
BNOR Interim Test 140,00
All prices exclude vehicle rental fee at 50.00!

Driving license A (Single lessons)
60 minutes 43,00
90 minutes 60,00

Practical exams driving license A
CBR Motorcycle Exam AVB 130,00
CBR Motorcycle Exam AVD 250,00
CBR Interim Test AVD 160,00
BNOR Motorcycle AVD 275,00
BNOR Interim Test Motorcycle AVD 140,00

Theory study set
Internet theory course: 22 hours online exam training 80,00

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