About us

About Go-Car International Driving School.

Our goal is to teach our candidates to be safe and responsible participants in traffic. We at Go-Car International Driving School will help you to set the base to achieve that goal by giving you a solid training.

Since June of 2001 I have been training my students to become safe drivers,and in doing so, helping them to pass for the Dutch driving test. At first mainly in Dutch.

In 2012 I noticed that for our English speaking fellow citizens it was not so easy to find a driving instructor able to teach them in fluent English.

That is when I decided to move the driving shool in that direction.

Go-Car International Driving School welcomes English speaking clients. I assure you of my capabilities to teach in fluent English. If you are thinking of enrolling for a driving course in Holland, Go-Car is the way to go!

I offer flexibility in teaching hours.

Many students,expats and other internationals have preceded you.

Go-Car Driving School is waiting for you …

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