Intermediate test

Interim test

When you are training for the practical test you can test your progress with an interim test.

This test runs like a real exam. This test is the perfect opportunity to get used to an exam situation and identify any nervousness you might feel during such an exam situation. Your odds of success in a real exam is thus considerably increased. To be eligible for the test, you must be in possession of a valid theory certificate.

The Test

An examiner from the CBR will assess your driving skills. He or she will pay attention to all aspects of your driving performance, just as it is done in an official driving exam. The interim test takes the same amount of time as a real exam.


After the test the examiner will fill out a form. On this form hey will write down his findings. He will give you advice on all aspects of your driving performance. You can use this form to see exactly which parts of your driving skills still need work. You will receive this form by email.


You can earn an exemption for the component “special maneuvers”, such as parallel parking If you performed them correct during the test, you will not have to perform them during your first exam.

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