10-day driving course

Are you in a hurry to get your license? Choose our 10-day driving course!

The 10-day driver training is an intensive course. To determine whether you are suitable for this course you will have to take a 120 minute trial lesson. During this trial lesson, we determine how quickly you absorb information and whether you can maintain concentration. At the end of the trial lesson we will give an advice on which package to take (A, B or C). The cost of the trial lesson is 100 euros.

Your exam date will be booked when you apply for the course. Your exam date is known before the course starts.

You plan your driving lessons with your instructor 10 days prior to your exam date.

You can only start with a 10 day course if you are in possession of a valid theory certificate.

Package Prices 10-day course

Package A:
30 hours + 1 practical exam € 2015,-
Package B:
40 hours + 1 practical exam € 2555,-
Package C:
50 hours + 1 practical exam € 3075,-
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